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Frequently Asked Questions about United States Tourist Visas

At Gasana Law Firm we specializes in immigration to the United States. We often come across questions related to tourist visas to US, so we have collected frequently asked questions here.
US tourist visa

1. How to get a tourist visa to the United States?

In order to get a B-2 visa to the USA, you must apply on the website of the US Embassy.

2. Do I have a chance to get this visa?

The US Immigration Service fears that those who apply for a visa will remain in the United States as illegal immigrants, so guests must prove that they will return to their home country before the expiration of the visa. An applicant for a visa must prepare well in advance to show his strong relationship with his residence country, such as work, family, study, etc., and also to show that traveling to America will only be for tourist purposes.

3. How long can I stay in the US after receiving a B-2 visa?

Usually, a visa is given for 10 years, but this does not mean that you can stay in the United States for 10 years. When entering the United States, the Border Guard gives permission (puts its stamp on the passport). Usually, you can easily enter for a 90-day stay with the limited exceptions where you can stay longer.

4. Is it possible to extend the time of stay in the U. S. after the length of the visa term?

Yes. This can be done in two ways. First: 45 days before the expiration of the visa, you can apply to the Immigration Services (USCIS) with an explanation of the reasons. Second, you can go outside the United States before the visa expires and try to return to the country through the border service – they decide whether there is a good reason for such a quick return to America.

5. If my visa is denied, will I receive a registration fee refund?


6. If my visa is denied can I appeal?

No, this decision cannot be appealed, but a new request may be submitted.

7. If my visa is denied can I reapply?

Yes, you can submit a new application at any time. However, in the absence of changes in the reasons for the trip and new evidence of communication with you home country, the representative of the immigration service will make the same decision. Recommendation: wait at least 6 months, and only then submit a new application.

8. Does a representative of immigration service at the US embassy give an explanation of the causes of refusal in obtaining a tourist visa?

Yes, the immigration officer is obliged to give an explanation for the refusal to obtain a non-immigrant visa in the United States.

9. Will the tourist non-immigrant visa allow me to work in the US?

No, to work in the United States, you need to get a work visa.

10. What will happen to those who work in the U. S. without a permit?

Tourists who work in America without a work visa and who have been caught by the US immigration or border guards will be deported from the country and will not be able to get permission to enter again.

11. What will happen to those who stayed in the America after the length of the visa term has expired?

If a person stayed in US after the expiry of a visa for more than 6 months, he will not be able to return to the United States for 3 years. If a person has remained illegally in the United States for more than a year, he will not be able to get an entry permit for 10 years. Please note that even if someone stayed in the country less than 6 months after the expiration of the visa and left the United States at will, he can be stopped by the Border Guard on his next visit to America.

12. Can I get a B2 visa if I have a criminal past?

In the application for a tourist visa to America there is a question about convictions and arrests. It is important to answer honestly this question. If it turns out that the applicant has lied, he will not be able to get permission to enter the United States, without a time limit. Embassy representatives will verify this information. If there was something very serious, then it may entail the refusal of a visa. The less serious the conviction and the more time passed since then, the higher the chances of obtaining a B-2 visa in the United States.

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