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When organizing a trip to the United States to marry your fiancé, you should take care of his/her legal status. Obtaining a visa to the U.S. is not an easy procedure, but this path should be followed since it is the most correct and honest for marriage to an American citizen. Moreover, although the K-1 is non-immigrant, it is easily converted to an immigrant one, since in the future it is planned to move to the United States for permanent residence.
Groom/brides’ children who meet the established criteria receive a K-2 visa.

General Information About K-1 Visa

A K-1 visa (fiancé) is a type that gives an opportunity to a fiancé of a US citizen to come to the United States. It enables the fiancé to come to the country for marriage. A US citizen is required to file an I-129F form, a petition for a groom/bride mailed to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

A couple should get married no more than 90 days after the arrival of a foreign partner in the country. After marriage, the immigrant is obliged to apply for permanent resident status in the USCIS of the Department of Homeland Security. Having any other visa to the United States gives you the right to be in the country, but not to marry a citizen. For marriage, you will need a K-1.

Obtaining Fiancé Visa

The procedure for obtaining a fiancé visa is a difficult mechanism. You need to obtain permits and then conduct an interview. You and your partner will need to take care of preparing certain documents.

The United States citizen needs to contact the authorized parties for a petition to open a visa. A petition can be filed only in the US. If your fiancé has children, they must also be indicated in the petition. Along with this request, the American side will have to provide:

  • a passport or other document confirming citizenship;
  • confirmation of the legality of the marriage (valid marriage age; absence of another marriage);
  • prove the fact of a close relationship of a couple for more than 2 years (Such evidence can serve as joint photos, videotapes, screenshots from Skype, print SMS messages);
  • 2 color passport style photos;
  • certificates of preparation for the wedding (invitations to the wedding, documents confirming the reservation of the venue of the ceremony, tickets for the “honeymoon” and other facts proving the sincerity of intentions)

In addition to the above, the American side is obliged to confirm financial reliability, that is, to demonstrate account statements, salary certificates, taxes and property ownership.

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