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This page contains information on work visas issued on the basis of petitions. In accordance with US immigration law for temporary job in the United States, if you have non-immigrant status you need to obtain a visa of the appropriate category depending on the type of work performed. Most categories of temporary visas require a potential employer or recruitment agency to file a request. This request must be approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services prior to applying for a visa.

All applicants applying for H, L, O, P and Q categories must have a application approved by the USCIS. An I-129 petition must be approved before applying for a work visa to the US embassy or consulate. After approval of the request, the employer or agent will receive a notification on Form I-797 (Approval Notification), which will be evidence of the approval of the application. During the interview, the consular officer will verify the approval of the aplication through the State Department’s Petition Management Information System (PIMS).

In order to verify the approval of your petition, you need to take information about the incoming number of the I-129 petition with you to an interview at the US embassy or consulate. Please note that the approval of the application does not guarantee a visa. A visa may be denied if you do not meet the relevant criteria, which are provided by immigration law.

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An American employer may apply for an immigrant visa for an alien employee which gives him the right to permanent residence and to have a job in the US (Green Card). There are also other immigration categories for those who can apply independently (without a job offer), in particular for investors, individuals with extraordinary abilities, or special talents that are in the interests of the United States government.

Advantages of group E visas

  1. E-1 and E-2 are non-immigrant visas and can be issued an unlimited number of times without the right to obtain a residence permit or citizenship.
  2. The applicant must show the intention to invest in the business. Moreover, a company may belong to one person or  a firm that manages profit at its discretion.
  3. The amount of funds invested is not limited. The main conditions are that the investment should cover the minimum percentage of total costs.
  4. The type of company determines its value. In the process of obtaining permission to enter the US consulate, they take into account the expenses necessary to open such a business.
  5. E1 is issued to those who are already trading or undergoing the procedure of organization.
  6. E1 allows you to stay in the United States as long as it takes to run a business successfully. It can be extended.

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