Immigration is a complex and rapidly changing field of law. Choosing a lawyer with the right set of qualifications and experience is essential for a successful immigration case. 

10 Questions to Ask When Meeting With Visa Immigration Lawyers

Here is a list of 10 Questions you should ask your Immigration Lawyer during your first consultation: 

1. What is your experience with cases similar to mine?

Experience is the best indicator of your immigration lawyer’s ability to successfully complete your immigration case. Ask if your immigration attorney has experience with immigration cases similar to yours, and what their specialty is if any.

2. How much do you charge? 

Price can be a big factor influencing your decision to hire a lawyer. Ask if your lawyer charges a flat fee or an hourly rate, and whether or not you can set up a payment plan. You should also ask about other costs associated with your case such as filing fees, postage, translation fees, etc. 

3. Are you a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)? 

The AILA is an organization committed to improving the practice of Immigration Law and is an important resource for any Immigration Lawyer committed to continually improving their knowledge and practice. Your lawyer’s membership in the AILA shows their dedication to their profession and their clients. 

4. Who else will be working on my case? 

Many attorneys have a team of professionals such as other attorneys, paralegals, or assistants assisting them in completing immigration cases. It is important to know who you will be in contact with during your immigration application process. 

5. How busy are you? 

Depending on your case, such as deportation proceedings, a busy lawyer might not be able to get your case done in the appropriate timeframe. Make sure you know when you can expect your case to be started and completed, and if your attorney can meet any deadlines in your case. 

6. What can I expect you to do in my immigration case? 

Be sure to have a good understanding of your lawyer’s role in your immigration case and the procedures they will be undertaking on your behalf. Are they going to prepare and submit your immigration application? Will they attend your immigration interview or court hearings? 

7. What are my chances of success? 

Giving honest information during your initial consultation is important in order to get an honest and accurate opinion from your immigration lawyer. An experienced attorney should be able to analyze your case and explain the possible outcomes. 

8. How can I reach you?

Good communication is an essential factor in choosing the right immigration lawyer. Ask how your lawyer how they will be contacting you and, especially for cases such as deportation proceedings, how often. Choose an attorney who is approachable and willing to make time for you during their day. 

9. What languages can you communicate in? 

If English is not your first language, it can be very helpful to choose a lawyer who can communicate in your native language. Immigration cases can involve complex legal terminology, which can be confusing. It is important to have a good understanding when communicating with your immigration lawyer. 

10. What are the next steps if I hire you?

 After hiring your immigration lawyer, you should always ask what the next steps are. Your lawyer should be able to provide a clear set of objectives and steps in your case. This way, you can stay up to date and well-informed about the progress of your case. 

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Final Thoughts

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