The Asylum application and withholding of removal process are complicated and difficult. The ever-evolving landscape of asylum law and statute makes it especially important to seek the help of an attorney in preparing your asylum application at the houston asylum office. Getting help from an experienced attorney will help you avoid some of the most common mistakes asylum applicants make, and increase the likelihood of your asylum claim being approved.

Top 5 mistakes Made by Asylum Applicants

Below are the top 5 commons which need to be avoided by Asylum applicants while filing up for asylum applications in Houston.

1. Incoherent and disorganized Story

The most important component of your asylum application is to establish credibility. Credibility is established by telling/writing your story in clear and chronological order. The story will explain the harm and suffering you experienced in your home country, who harmed you, how you were harmed, and why you left your home country. The asylum applicant should prepare a written statement. The applicant should then review the declaration to make sure it is factually accurate, and to familiarize with all the details.

2. Lack of Preparation

Preparing and filing your asylum application within the one-year deadline is another critical aspect of your application. It is important that there is adequate time to prepare and revise the asylum applicant’s declaration, to get any necessary translations, and to prepare other evidentiary documentation.

3. Lack of Documentation to Support the Claim

The applicant’s declaration may generally be sufficient to establish a claim. However, additional documentation such as affidavits from witnesses or friends and family who are familiar with the asylum applicant’s prosecution, news reports, police records, medical records, country conditions report, and other relevant documentation are important to help establish the validity of the applicant’s claim.

4. File for Asylum or seek the assistance of an Attorney

Preparing an asylum application is a lengthy and detailed process. In order to prepare an adequate declaration and ensure all relevant details are included, it is important that the attorney has enough time to effectively advise on strategies that will help prove your asylum case. Having enough time to prepare the application will help prepare a strong and credible asylum claim.

5. Seek an attorney’s Advice

Failing the initial interview or credible fear interview means further delays and increases the chance of your asylum application being denied. This is because, statements filed with a pro-se applicant and the statements made during the interview, may be hard to be retracted after the fact. This is where a lack of credibility may be found by the immigration Judge and ruin your chances of winning your asylum case. It is best to seek advice from an attorney prior to your initial interview.


Finally, consulting an attorney, before beginning your asylum case process, may help in the sense the attorney could advise better options than asylum, especially, if she deems your asylum case to be weak. If you need asylum lawyers in Houston click here to contact us.

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