New Edition of Form I-589 And Changes to Supporting Documentation, Requirements and Filing

Filing new edition of the Form I-589 Applicants NO LONGER NEED to submit:

o a passport-style photo,
o multiple copies of the form,
o multiple copies of the supporting documentation.

5 Most Common Mistakes Made by Asylum Applicants

The Asylum application and withholding of removal process are complicated and difficult. The ever-evolving landscape of asylum law and statute makes it especially important to seek the help of an attorney in preparing your asylum application at the houston asylum office. Getting help from an experienced attorney will help you avoid some of the most common mistakes asylum applicants make, and increase the likelihood of your asylum claim being approved. Top 5 mistakes Made by Asylum Applicants Below are the top 5 commons which need to be avoided by Asylum applicants while filing up for asylum applications in Houston. 1. Incoherent and disorganized Story The most important component of your […]