President’s Discriminatory Rhetoric is an Affront to American Values

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s derogatory and hateful comments about Haiti, El Salvador and several African countries:

US president's discrimatoryThe President’s offensive comments harken back to the shameful days in American history when our immigration policies were grounded in race and nationality quotas. Americans rejected those racially biased national-origin quotas more than 50 years ago because they are intolerable in a country working to end discrimination and racism.

Our country was founded by people seeking a better life, free from discrimination, where fairness and justice are available to all, no matter one’s country of origin. Immigrants from all nations have been integral to the success of our nation. Indeed, America would not be the beacon of freedom and prosperity without the immigrants who for generations have come to our shores, from Africa, Asia, Europe, and every corner of the world.

As we head into the holiday weekend when we contemplate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we should renew and reinvigorate our march towards fairness, inclusion and justice. We should reject policies that discriminate based on where people come from or what god they pray to. And, we should reject the divisive and corrosive rhetoric that stands in the way of permanent reforms to protect hundreds of thousands of decent, hardworking Dreamers, and to build an immigration system that honors our history as a nation of immigrants and strengthens our future.

We must stand together, and build a future that we can be proud of. Today and every day, we stand with those who want to build a strong, just, and inclusive America.

Courtesy of the American Immigration Lawyers Association

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